Taita people

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a Taita people (the Wataita or even Wadawida) tend to be a new Kenyan ethnic party based during a Taita-Taveta Nation. These people discuss Kidawida which inturn belongs to that Bantu 'languages'. This West-Bantu changed to make sure you that area of the particular Taita-Taveta Region to start with around inside 1000-1300. The actual Taita .
The Taita consumers usually are some Bantu group residing inside this Taita Hillsides for Kenya's southwest, nearby the actual Tanzania perimeter as well as around plains. What is normally identified for the reason that the particular Taita tribe in reality comprises involving 3 standalone but closely-related tribes: Wadawida (or Taita), Wasaghala (Sagalla) and Wataveta (Taveta).

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